Importance of Distraction

When you’re living with chronic illness, it’s very important to find activities in which you find yourself totally capable of being immersed. Dealing with extended forms of illness is very draining.

Distracting activities provide an excellent form of respite from being consumed about the extent to which chronic illness has disrupted one’s life. I’m convinced that it’s very healthy to find yourself completely lost in any given activity. After all, you can only think about your persistent symptoms so much in any given day.

For example, I up feeling very fatigued this morning, due to my ongoing menorrhagia. I struggled with simply getting ready for teaching my General Psychology class this afternoon.

Once I found myself engaged in delivering today’s lecture, I found that I was most pleasantly distracted from thinking about my exhaustion. My attention was powerfully redirected.

Once my class was finished this afternoon, I again found myself focusing upon how truly exhausted I feel. I really struggled with having to make a very long drive back home.

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