Worsening Shortness of Breath

This is the very last day of moving out of my parent’s home. Unfortunately, I’m increasingly short of breath, with very minimal exertion.

I simply can’t wait until I can have yet another throat dilatation surgery, in Rochester, NY. I’m attempting to wait until early May for this next surgery, after I finish teaching my General Psychology class.

Incomprehensibly, it will be my 19th dilatation surgery, since 2006. In-office steroid injections have not been an effective treatment option for the management of my subglottic stenosis.

I need to find out just how long it will take to schedule an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. I’m seeking a second opinion regarding a tracheal re-section.

I’m beyond desperate to obtain long- term relief for my subglottic stenosis. It has powerfully interfered with every single aspect of my entire life.

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