Multiple Current Health Concerns

Today, I find myself dealing with multiple chronic health conditions. I’ve been experiencing increased shortness of breath, secondary to my worsening subglottic stenosis.

I’m also having increased MS symptoms, including numbness, tingling, spasticity, and fatigue. I really need to get back on Copaxone, the injection that I have been prescribed for the management of relapsing-remitting MS.

Most unexpectedly, my period has also started, yet again. Thankfully, I’ve not been having daily, profuse hot flashes, like I previously did for an extended period of time. My body truly can’t seem to make up its mind about ever really completing perimenopause.

I’m continuing to experience stress incontinence, too. This unpleasant, embarrassing symptom is triggered by clearing my throat, coughing, sneezing, and even less strenuous physical activity.

It’s so very difficult to juggle the management of so many different types of chronic health problems all at once. Each of them repeatedly interfere with my life, in a wide variety of ways.

Given that I am in the process of moving, I’ll have to transfer all of my medications to a new pharmacy. I also have so very much ahead of me, given that I am going to pursue a consultation regarding a tracheal re-section, at the Cleveland Clinic.

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