Just Sleep on It

For a period of many years, I’ve suffered from insomnia. Predominantly, it has been sleep-termination insomnia. Whereas I am able to fall asleep with minimal activity, I repeatedly wake up several times during the night.

I strongly suspect that the difficulty with remaining asleep is related to my long-term history of major depression. These sleep difficulties began when I was just age 16; this was when I experienced my initial episode of major depressive disorder.

I’ve been prescribed Trazadone (100 mg. qhs, prn). Honestly, I typically don’t take this medication on a regular basis, since it induces a significant headache the following morning. This discomfort persists for a period of several hours, in fact. I also feel sluggish and groggy.

Taking Trazadone allows me to both fall asleep, as well as to stay asleep. Having a headache that persists for several hours the following morning is a significant price to pay for this necessity, nevertheless.

I strongly suspect that I might adjust to taking this medication, were I to take it on a regular basis. I’ve decided to start doing just that.

Not receiving adequate sleep has so very many serious consequences. This is especially true if you’re dealing with multiple chronic illnesses. An occasional night of insomnia doesn’t have devastating consequences, of course.

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