At The Movies

This past Thursday evening, I attended yet another installment of a local town’s classic movie night. I tremendously enjoy going to this venue, since the man who introduces the movies is an exceptionally well-informed film historian.

I decided to go to the movies, in an attempt to distract myself from the sobering discussion that I recently had with my ENT surgeon, regarding pursuing a tracheal re-section to manage my subglottic stenosis.

I can’t say that my coping strategy was very successful, actually. While watching the first film, I started to experience intense numbing and tingling sensations throughout the entire length of both of my legs.

I soon began to experience very uncomfortable muscle cramping throughout my legs, too. Subsequently, my legs went totally numb. I was unable to move them for the next hour. In addition, I lost all feeling in my right forearm and hand for the next few hours.

Without question, I was experiencing increased MS symptoms, due to feeling overwhelmingly stressed about my future airway management. MS symptoms are notoriously extremely stress-sensitive.

Although they were very uncomfortable and frightening, none of my symptoms were even outwardly detectable by others. In all honesty, I sincerely feared whether or not I would be able to walk down the staircase in the building where the movies were being screened.

This is where I find myself tonight, I couldn’t help but think. I’m dealing with multiple, serious, chronic medical conditions. I’m facing a risky airway surgery, to avoid needing frequent, repeated dilatation surgeries to treat my subglottic stenosis.

Each individual diagnosis, of either MS or subglottic stenosis, would be daunting to encounter. The combination of experiencing both of them simultaneously is completely overwhelming.

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