Cancelled Class

Reluctantly, I decided to cancel my General Psychology class for today. I phoned the campus center’s secretary to explain why.

I simply informed her that I had a medical procedure yesterday, and that I have been experiencing some continued complications from receiving it. The campus secretary said that she could relate to my dilemma, since she recently had a medical procedure herself.

She informed me that she will individually phone each of the students in my class. Most thankfully, there aren’t a lot of students in this section of General Psychology this semester.

Actually, I’m still feeling nauseous after yesterday’s bronchoscopy. I’m also feeling increased weakness in my legs, too. MS symptoms are certainly very stress-sensitive.

I’m simply not up to teaching for two hours today. I had planned to present another lecture today, regarding classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning.

I had also scheduled to go over a review guide, for next week’s second exam. Thankfully, I’ve already written the exam.

Yesterday’s sobering discussion with my surgeon is really starting to sink in. My subglottic stenosis is no longer manageable with periodic dilatation surgeries, interspersed with in-office steroid injections.

I really feel very depressed this morning. As much as I have already endured, there’s now even a significantly more challenging surgery looming in front of me.

Since yesterday’s appointment, I have thought about several questions that I wished I had thought to ask my surgeon. Primarily, I’m curious about the typical length of recovery to be expected after receiving a tracheal re-section.

Most anxiety-provoking, I’m wondering if I will possibly require a trach. I assume that I’ll have a visible neck scar from receiving this surgery. Obviously, my invisible symptoms will no longer be hidden.

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