Best of Times, Worst of Times

For the overwhelming majority of my life, my experiences have caused me to reflect upon the opening line of A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Simultaneously, I feel very deeply blessed, and very deeply challenged.

This morning, I realize that I have crossed a new threshold in the management of my subglottic stenosis. In 2006, I was accurately diagnosed with a subglottic stenosis. Previously, I had been attempting to manage what had been misdiagnosed as asthma, for a period of more than four years.

To date, I have had a total of eighteen throat dilatation surgeries. My ENT surgeon has attempted to perform in-office steroid injections, as a more conservative alternative to frequent dilatation surgeries.

Unfortunately, this approach has not been effective. I am scheduled to have my next throat dilatation surgery in May. I’d also need to have a throat CT, without contrast, to obtain a 3D image of my airway’s current status.

After this next surgery, I’ll go to the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion, regarding pursuing a tracheal resection.

One year ago, I was still in the process of waiting to receive my NYS psychology licensure; I received my licensure this past August. I was also hoping to receive a teaching opportunity; I obtained such an opportunity this past June. I was offered yet another teaching position this past January.

This morning, both my dreams and my nightmares have literally come true.

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