Where Would I Be Now?

I think that it’s very tempting to engage in thinking about the path your life might have taken, if not for the development of chronic illness. I have certainly engaged in this type of thinking myself several times.

The development of chronic illness undoubtedly changes the trajectory of our lives. By default, how we spend our time is significantly altered. Of course, this occurs on a long-term basis.

It’s often stated that everyone has twenty-four hours per day. I strongly disagree that this holds true for someone who is facing chronic illness.

When your time is displaced by illness management, there is naturally less time left over for the determined pursuit of other activities and interests. Personally, I have often wondered where I might be if not for the development of multiple chronic illnesses.

Engaging in these types of thoughts usually induces tremendous feelings of loss. I continue to mourn the type of lifestyle that I anticipate I would have enjoyed, if not for the introduction of chronic illness.

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