Risking Vulnerability

I know that deciding to write a blog about my experiences with chronic illness has been a complex decision. I’ve wanted to share my firsthand insights about living with multiple chronic illnesses.

In doing so, I have intentionally decided to make myself very vulnerable. After all, I have disclosed intensely personal information.

Throughout writing this blog, I have revealed my intense struggles with depression, as well as a diverse range of physical symptoms. I very carefully calculated the risks associated with outing myself in such a manner.

Others may question why I have chosen to reveal such private information. I am doing so to highlight awareness of living with relatively invisible symptoms.

You might say that part of my motivation for sharing such personal, painful information has been to find meaning in madness. Suffering in and of itself is not worthless. Not being able to glean anything worthwhile from suffering is what ultimately proves totally unbearable.

Each day, there are so very many of us in your midst. Those of us who are living with undetectable conditions, conditions that have absolutely turned our lives upside down and inside out.

We crave validation. We attempt to function in a society that is designed for healthy individuals, rather than those with enduring impairments.

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