Humiliating Symptoms

Having MS is never easy. Some days, it’s much more difficult to accept that I have this chronic neurological disorder. Today happens to be one of those days, unfortunately.

Throughout my more than twenty-five years of living with relapsing-remitting MS, I’ve had a very wide variety of symptoms. Some of them have been noticeable, whereas others have not.

This morning, I had yet another episode of total bowel incontinence. I simply can’t imagine a more humiliating symptom to experience.

It’s never easy to feel that your body has completely betrayed you. I am age 54, but feel at least 94 right now. I work in a nursing home, but spent this morning feeling like much more of a patient than a doctor.

The only silver lining to this episode is that it took place at home. I would feel beyond mortified if it had taken place in public.

1 thought on “Humiliating Symptoms”

  1. I’m so sorry your body doesn’t operate the way it used to. I have known others who experienced the loss of bowel continence (in a public place) and it is terribly embarrassing. After one experienced it in a church, they brought in an elevated toilet seat to help make it easier on others. May you find grace and strength to experience better days ahead.


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