And It Came to Pass

I’m still knee-deep in the insanity otherwise known as moving. There’s so much to do, in so little time.

Being short of breath with minimal activity is not helping. Yes, I am certainly pacing myself as I attempt to complete my packing.

It’s definitely a trip down memory lane to be sorting through decades-old academic materials. So very many feelings are triggered by looking through my elementary school report cards.

I was certainly very shy in my younger years. My teachers frequently commented that I was extremely well-behaved, but that I didn’t spontaneously offer information.

It’s hard for me to believe that that once shy little girl currently delivers lectures before a room full of college students. It’s truly fascinating to review report cards that are now several decades old.

In reviewing my report cards, I noticed that I had excellent attendance throughout my elementary school education. Little did I know the serious health problems that I would subsequently develop in high school.

Enough reminiscing. It’s back to packing. I so long for organization! Moving is so very deeply stressful.

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