GPS Recorrection

You might possibly be having a difficult time with coping with your chronic illness today. Perhaps it’s useful to think of your GPS as an unexpected form of inspiration for dealing with what has happened.

Think about some occasion where you used your GPS to find the way to an unfamiliar location. You may have struggled to perfectly follow all of the necessary steps to reach your destination. Perhaps you were temporarily distracted, and you subsequently missed a necessary turn or exit.

Your GPS, most thankfully, has a course correction feature build into it. It allows you to get back on track whenever you’ve inadvertently made a wrong turn.

Similarly, we retain the right to choose how we respond to the upheaval that chronic illness has imposed upon our lives. In essence, we also have an innate “course correction” feature.

No, you might never find an actual cure, nor a complete resolution, for your persistent symptoms. Regardless, you can actively choose to think about what is left, rather than what is lost, in your life this very day.

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