Not-So-Chance Encounters

This afternoon, I stopped in at a local thrift store. I’ve recently been looking for inexpensive silk ties, for an Easter eye dyeing project. Thankfully, I found some of them, at a very reasonable price.

In chatting with the store’s owner, I found out that she has been managing this shop for nearly three years. She said that she and her family are going to soon relocate to Florida, since her husband has been recommended to move to a new location.

Several years ago, the store owner’s husband sustained a traumatic brain injury. She freely opened up about how difficult it has been to adjust o her husband’s drastically changed personality, including his emotional outbursts.

I shared that I am a clinical psychologist, and that I’ve had experience with working with patients with traumatic brain injuries. I mentioned that I have also worked with their family members, trying to facilitate their adjustment.

We discussed the unique challenges of adjusting to this predominately invisible form of disability. She mentioned the name of the psychologist that her husband has been seeing. Coincidentally, he happens to be my supervisor for my current nursing home position.

I answered many questions that this woman asked about traumatic brain injuries. She was extremely appreciative of my professional training and experience with this challenging topic.

We discussed the importance of our faith in addressing life’s challenges. I’m very appreciative of this not-so-chance encounter.

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