Gasping for Air

My subglottic stenosis is definitely worsening. I just finished showering. The simple act of dressing has caused me to be gasping for air. I feel so very miserable this morning.

No matter how many times I have experienced my subglottic stenosis getting worse, it never gets any easier to struggle to simply breathe. This condition has altered absolutely every aspct of my entire life.

Thankfully, I see my ENT surgeon next week. I’ll receive in-office steroid injections. I hope that they are adequate to buy me some more time until I have my next throat dilatation surgery.

2 thoughts on “Gasping for Air”

  1. Would oxygen supplementation be an option for you? I can only imagine what you have to live with day in and day out. I’m so sorry – praying for improvement both in the natural through the medical community, and through the supernatural through the Great Physician’s divine healing.


  2. Bonnie, have you tried inhalers or a nebulizer machine ? I have been having a terrible time breathing also but I also have copd.


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