Pausing Perimenopause

I’m still involved in the complex process of going through perimenopause. It’s really been quite an adventure so far. Thankfully, I’ve not been having multiple, completely drenching hot flashes, several times per day.

For a period of close to eighteen months, I had been experiencing this most unpleasant symptom. The absolute worst repercussion associated with hot flashes was the development of increased MS symptom severity. Last summer, a hot flash induced total numbness in my legs; this resulted in sustaining a serious fall.

Most recently, my primary care physician recommended that I use Black Cohosh (40 mg. per day) to try to treat my hot flashes. Previously, I had been prescribed oral contraceptives for the management of hot flashes. However, my ENT surgeon said that hormone replacement therapy was contraindicated, since it exacerbated my subglottic stenosis.

I’m continuing to have menstrual periods at this point. However, they have begun to be much more irregular. I still suffer from menorrhagia, which induced iron-deficiency anemia. I continue to take ferrous sulfate each day for this condition.

I will be overwhelmingly relieved when this phase of my life is finally behind me.

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