Stress-Sensitive MS Symptoms

I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 1993. I consider myself to be very deeply blessed, given that I am still fully ambulatory, after so very many years of living with this chronic disease. I do not currently need to use any form of assistance for ambulation.

That being said, I still continue to experience a wide range of MS symptoms, on a daily basis. These symptoms are not readily apparent to others. I appear just like someone who doesn’t have to factor the impact of having MS into her daily life. This is both a blessing and a burden.

Others typically fail to adjust their expectations for my optimal performance, given that I have a very serious disease. I generally “pass” as a healthy, middle-aged woman. In the absence of overtly disclosing my neurological diagnosis, I tend to think that others would be surprised that I really do have MS.

My MS symptoms are notoriously unpredictable. Having MS literally means that you never know, on any given day, what symptoms you are going to have, how intense those symptoms will be, how long those symptoms will last, and what the residual impact of those symptoms will be. What is not unpredictable, however, is that my MS fatigue always worsens whenever I feel more stressed.

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