The Incidental Aneurysm

In the fall of 2013, I received routine MRI scanning, to monitor the status of my relapsing-remitting MS. In doing so, I shockingly found out that I have a cerebral aneurysm. I was subsequently referred to a neurosurgeon, for further evaluation and monitoring. Thankfully, my aneurysm has remained stable since it was first incidentally detected. It has not changed in size.

Periodically, I receive MRA scans to evaluate potential changes in it. I’ll be having both MRI and MRA scans again this May. I have to closely monitor my blood pressure, of course, due to having an aneurysm. Due to this concern, my neurologist recently refused to increase my Provigil dose. Consequently, I switched to Amantadine to try to treat my debilitating MS fatigue. I’m very thankful that it has made a noticeable difference in the past couple of weeks.

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