Symptom Visibility at the Movies

Last evening, I attended another installment of a local arts council’s classic movie night. The presenter is an extremely well-informed movie aficionado. He is genteel, gracious, and polite; he appears to have time traveled from a much earlier era. He is obviously suffering from some form of progressive neurological disorder.

I deeply admire his overt courage in standing before a room of patrons, enlightening us with his wealth of knowledge about multiple aspects of film. I noticed that his essential tremor was much worse last evening.

I first attended this same event back in the late 1990’s; at that time, this presenter had no outwardly visible symptoms. I had already been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS at that time.

Fast forward more than twenty years. This charming presenter appears to be steadily declining. My MS symptoms were many last evening during the movies; however, they weren’t outwardly visible. I was experiencing numbness and tingling sensations in my upper and lower extremities, predominantly on my left side. I also experienced recurrent spasticity, in the exact same areas.

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