Feeling Down

I’m feeling depressed today. No, it’s not the most serious level of depression possible, as I’ve certainly suffered from in the past. I feel down. I feel blah. I feel burned out. I simply feel so very weary about dealing with multiple forms of chronic illness. I’m tired of having disruptive symptoms interfere with my plans, over and over again.

I’m really not looking forward to requiring yet another throat dilatation surgery. I’m attempting to work, only part-time. Even working only part-time is proving to be a significant challenge, however. The multiple stressors that are associated with moving are definitely adding to my malaise. I’ll feel much better once all of my belongings are neatly organized.

I taught my psychology class this afternoon, and decided to take a nap as soon as I returned home. There have been multiple episodes of depression in my life. I strongly believe that they have been closely related to having relapsing-remitting MS.

Yes, I certainly do my best in attempting to implement the very same coping techniques and strategies that I typically share with my depressed patients and clients. Doing so definitely makes a difference.

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