Different Class, Same Symptoms

Today, I’m handing back the first examination for my General Psychology students. My all-too-familiar shortness of breath has, unfortunately, returned. Last semester, I needed to cancel one of my Abnormal Psychology classes, due to needing dilatation surgery yet again.

I hope that in-office steroid injections will be sufficient to delay my next procedure. I really don’t want to have to cancel any of my upcoming classes, especially since there was a snow day already this semester. We’ll be going over my student’s first exam in class today.

I really felt like my voice was being strained today, as I reviewed all of the correct responses for fifty multiple choice questions, as well as for seven short answer questions. What exquisite irony, for me to be reading a question that asks about the protective covering for axons, which is myelin. In MS, myelin is damaged, resulting in plaques throughout the central nervous system. Once again, I try to not be self-conscious whenever I happen to slur my words while lecturing.

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