Unnecessary, But Perfectly Persistent, Guilt

I’m currently knee-deep in the insanity otherwise known as moving! It’s been nearly five full years since I last moved, when I relocated from Illinois, back to New York. Moving is overwhelmingly stressful, on multiple levels. Feeling increasingly short of breath with minimal exertion is terribly stressful.

The combination of both is truly torturous. Perhaps my increased distress will more more deeply motivate me to donate several items to a local resale store, as opposed to packing them.

I’m going to phone my ENT in the morning, to see if I might be able to get in to see him before my scheduled appointment, which is still three full weeks away. Tonight, I need to finish recording my students’ grades, for their first examination in General Psychology. I also need to correct their writing assignments, and to record these grades.

Earlier today, I submitted the final grade for a student who took an incomplete last semester, in the Abnormal Psychology class that I taught. At least grading exams and writing assignments doesn’t exacerbate my shortness of breath.

This, too, shall pass. I need to stop feeling guilty about asking others for help, as well as for stopping to rest when it’s absolutely necessary to do so. Yes, this additional stress won’t last indefinitely.

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