Irritated Eyes

Periodically, I’ve suffered from conjunctivitis, from giant papillary conjunctivitis, to be perfectly exact. This type of inflammation causes extreme burning, itching, irritation, and redness. This infection requires the use of expensive eye drops in order to fully clear it up; wearing contact lenses is contraindicated until this infection is fully treated. At times, this ocular condition has been exacerbated by having my seasonal allergies flare-up.

A differential diagnosis for these painful symptoms has been uveitis, a condition associated with granulomatosis with angitis (GPA), formerly known as Wegener’s vasculitis. Intially, my rheumatologist suggested that my vasculitis was primarily manifested by subglottic stenosis.

My current ENT believes that my subglottic stenosis is most likely idiopathic, rather than a manifestation of vasculitis. I’ve recently been experiencing some increased eye irritation, which most likely reflects that I need to use a new pair of contact lenses. I’ve also been grading my General Psychology students’ first examinations, and doing a lot of work on my tablet and computer.

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