Doctor, Daughter, and Caregiver

As women, we frequently find ourselves wearing many different types of hats. We may find ourselves attempting to juggIe several competing demands. I currently live with my fiercely independent, yet moderately declining, 89-year-old mother; she increasingly requires other’s assistance for the completion of everyday tasks.

Although I have been determined to be fully disabled, secondary to multiple chronic conditions, I am also currently attempting to work at two different jobs. Seeing this complex situation put into print makes me realize just why I find myself feeling so overwhelmed.

Did I happen to mention that I am also in the process of moving? I really do try my best to be patient when my hard of hearing mother refuses to wear her hearing aides, as well as when she decides not to take her full diuretic dose.

My subglottic stenosis has recently begun to worsen again, adding to my overall stress level. I’ve been pacing my activities, resting while necessary. It was very nice to receive extra help for multiple tasks, when my oldest sister visited from out of state, during the past week.

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