Shortness of Breath Returns

I had my last throat dilatation surgery on October 16, 2018. I’m already feeling short of breath, with very minimal exertion. This is incredibly frustrating! I’m currently in the process of moving, which requires much better health and stamina than I actually possess. I’m also teaching General Psychology, at a local community college; doing so is incredibly difficult with increased shortness of breath.

I have a pre-existing appointment with my ENT, in three more weeks. At that time, I will undergo an in-office bronchoscopy. I believe that my surgeon will also perform another round of steroid injections. I hope that doing so “buys me some additional time,” before needing to have my next dilatation surgery for subglottic stenosis.

Incomprehensibly, it will be my 18th surgery, requiring general anesthesia, since 2006. Having recently developed a cold is only aggravating my increased airway inflammation and narrowing.

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