Intense Itching and MS

During my last neurology appointment, I informed my doctor that I have been suffering from intense itching, for the past couple of months. I told my neurologist that I haven’t been breaking out, and that I don’t think that I have developed contact dermatitis.

I mentioned that I have been experiencing widespread increased itchiness. I’ve noticed scratch marks, all over my arms, legs, and torso, self-inflicted just to partially alleviate my distress.

My neurologist suggested that my increased itching may, in fact, be MS-related. In order to confirm this hypothesis, she suggested that I increase my dose of Gabapentin (Neurontin). If my symptoms decrease, this lends further support that my intense itching is due to MS. In fact, this is exactly what has happened.

Increasing my Neurontin dose has significantly decreased my itchiness. Even after so many years of living with MS, I’m still amazed by the overwhelming diversity of symptoms that this disease can actually produce. Itching is yet another unseen, but life-changing, symptom that may be produced by this chronic neurological disorder.

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