Weighty Issues

Once more, I find myself going through my enormous amount of clothing; I’m in the process of deciding what to keep, what to donate, and what to toss. My combination of multiple chronic illnesses have certainly affected the stability of my weight.

At varying times, I have both lost weight and gained weight. Some of these weight fluctuations have been directly linked to my medical diagnoses themselves. Hypothyroidism has produced weight gain; periods of hyperthyroidism have produced weight loss.

I’ve experienced both through my nearly twenty-four years of having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I’ve also gained weight as a result of multiple prescription medications that I have absolutely needed to take, on a long-term basis, especially steroids. Needing to take large doses of prednisone, for a significant period of time, unfortunately resulted in a substantial weight gain.

My ability to remain physically active, on a regular basis, has definitely been adversely affected by my chronic illnesses. My subglottic stenosis has had an enormous impact on my ability to exercise on a consistent basis. This has also negatively impacted my ability to achieve, as well as to maintain, a healthy weight.

To be perfectly honest, my weight has also periodically reflected my emotional state. I freely admit that I have been an emotional eater at times, inappropriately using food to self-soothe and to provide temporary comfort, from both increased levels of depression and anxiety.

I struggle with whether or not to retain my relatively smaller sizes of clothing, should I be able to wear them again at some point. Getting rid of them feels like admitting defeat, on some level. Financially, I have spent a lot of money over the years on clothing. Part of this has been needing to purchase new clothes, whether due to weight loss and/or gain.

1 thought on “Weighty Issues”

  1. toss the clothes that don’t fit! When you do get down to a smaller size, then you can pick up something new-to-you and stylish at quality 2nd hand stores. I know of one in Varysburg. There are also several in Buffalo.


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