Managing Emotional Reactions to Increased Symptoms

As a clinical health psychologist, as well as a woman who is facing multiple chronic illnesses, I have developed multiple insights regarding the importance of effectively managing emotional reactions to increased symptoms.

My single most debilitating symptom remains severe fatigue. Every single day, it powerfully impacts what I am capable of accomplishing. I am aware that I feel both frustrated and depressed about the impact of my persistent exhaustion.

I’ve begun to more deeply appreciate the impact of my emotional reactions to my persistent symptoms. Like anyone else who is facing chronic illness, I need to keep tabs on the intensity of my emotional reactions to my ongoing symptoms.

Feeling very depressed about my chronic exhaustion is only likely to exacerbate the severity of this challenging symptom. Similarly, feeling persistently frustrated about my limited energy is only likely to produce even more debilitating exhaustion. It remains an ongoing challenge to address these concerns, to be perfectly honest.

Some days, I feel as though I have made peace with this aspect of my life. Other days, I fail miserably to accept this ongoing reality. I’ve learned over time, nevertheless, to be gentler with myself. It’s alright to struggle with a neverending challenge, after all!

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