Appearances Are Misleading

Yesterday, I attended my monthly oil painting class. I tremendously enjoy taking part in this artistic activity. It provides a much-needed respite from my ongoing stressors related to dealing with multiple chronic illnesses. It’s important to recognize, however, that my participation in no way should suggest that I am, for whatever reasons, somehow feeling better.

Yesterday, I awoke early. I showered and dressed. This was followed by needing to go back to bed, so that I could have enough energy to simply attend my painting class, which started at noon. After my class, I immediately went back home, and returned to bed.

I never mentioned these disruptive symptoms to anyone at my painting class. There wasn’t any necessity of doing so. I share this simple example to provide some much needed insight into life “behind the scenes,” so to speak. Dealing with persistent fatigue, on a daily basis, is truly life-changing. Yes, appearances can be so very misleading.

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