I Have to Lie Down, Now

Although I enjoy shopping very much, I do find it to be extremely tiring. Consequently, I typically prefer to shop online, whenever possible. When my MS fatigue hits especially hard, I feel an overwhelming urge to simply lie down. Obviously, this is not so convenient when I happen to be somewhere in the middle of a big box store, or waiting in a long checkout line.

If I don’t have the option of leaving a store quickly, for whatever reason, my chronically ill body will not so gently protest. For example, I’ll typically begin to experience increased paresthesias (numbness and tingling sensations) in mu lower extremities. I often will start to experience difficulty with walking, too.

Whenever possible, purchasing the very same items online offers multiple advantages. It allows me to rest whenever I absolutely feel the need to do so. If nothing else, chronic illness absolutely demands flexibility in how we choose to complete tasks.

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