February and Fatigue

Today begins another brand-new month, emerging with my painfully familiar fatigue. It’s hard to truly describe the devastation induced by this all-encompassing exhaustion. It definitely makes my everyday tasks extremely difficult to complete. My motivation for getting things accomplished far exceeds my capacity to actually do so.

Knowing that this fatigue is both chronic, as well as multi-factorial, remains truly daunting, even after all these years. As I’ve stated before, the term “fatigue” is far from adequate in describing what I feel, on a regular basis.

Everyone feels fatigued at times, but neurologically-driven fatigue is qualitatively different. I know this simply because I have not always had to face living my life with MS fatigue. I can still remember when I used to awaken with energy, ready to face the demands of a new day. That simply no longer happens.

Without question, debilitating exhaustion is the single most difficult symptom with which I must deal, day after day after day. For the most part, it is also largely undetectable, based on my outward appearance.

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