Trying Alternative Treatments

I’ve recently become much more interested in trying alternative forms of medical treatment. I’ve come to this decision for multiple reasons. Not so surprisingly, I’ve experienced debilitating side effects of traditional medicine. I’ve also become increasingly concerned about the interaction effects of prescription medications.

This afternoon, I was given a sample of cannabidiol (6.6 mg. strength), at the psychic fair where I have been vending my jewelry and accessories this entire weekend. I’m truly desperate to find a more natural source of relief for my persistent fatigue. I’m also very interested in finding a more natural form of an immunosuppressant.

I’ve taken extremely toxic medications in the past, and endured hideous side effects. Perhaps a natural form of treatment won’t completely eradicate my symptoms of chronic illness. However, I would be very satisfied with achieving a reduction in the frequency and/or severity of at least some of my symptoms.

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