Recent Doctor Visit Results

I am unspeakably grateful for the results that I received from my recent visit with my primary care physician, which occurred on Christmas Eve. Based on several recent symptoms, I strongly suspected that I had developed diabetes. However, my hemoglobin A1c test does not support that I have actually done so.

My physician ordered a full thyroid function panel. My results indicate that I continue to be experiencing hypothyroidism. Currently, my dose of thyroid replacement medication is 175 mcg qd. My dose has now been increased to 200 mcg qd.

I really am looking forward to this higher dose improving the symptoms that I’ve been experiencing, including debilitating fatigue. I picked up my new thyroid replacement medication prescription today.

To address my persistent hot flashes, my primary care physician stated that I could try black cohosh. This prescription was not yet available to pick up. I really hope that it helps to decrease the frequency, as well as the severity, of my hot flashes.

As I’ve previously mentioned, having hot flashes always increases my MS symptoms, given my heat-sensitivity.

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