Complex Follow-Up Appointment

Today, I’m seeing my primary care physician, for a follow-up appointment. I have three major concerns. First, my hot flashes have returned, and my ENT believes that hormone replacement therapy is contraindicated, since it appears to have exacerbated my subglottic stenosis.

Consequently, I’m interested in other options for addressing my hot flashes. Second, my recent echocardiogram results indicate thickening in some of my heart valves. I’m concerned about which specific valves, and to what degree; I need to know if these results warrant a referral to a cardiologist.

Third, I’m very concerned that I have possibly developed diabetes! I’ve been insatiably thirsty for the past few weeks. I’ve also been experiencing increased fatigue, and transient blurred vision; with my complex medical history, there are alternative explanations for my more severe fatigue, as well as my periodic vision changes.

My primary care physician will certainly be earning his money with the complexity of this visit.

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