Last Class Before Final

This afternoon was the last formal session for my Abnormal Psychology class. The remainder of my students delivered group research presentations. I was incredibly impressed by the breath and depth of their presentations, as well as how professionally delivered all of them were.

My students also handed in their research papers. I will certainly be very busy grading all of those papers, as well as writing the multiple choice and short answer questions for their final examination.

As much as I realize that my very tired body really needs a break, I will really miss teaching this class twice per week. Teaching for the first time since my diagnosis of subglottic stenosis has proven tremendously challenging.

Only one of my classes needed to be cancelled throughout the entire semester; this was the day that I had my 17th throat dilatation surgery, in October. Standing in front of a classroom of undergraduate students has been very anxiety-provoking at times, given my periodic speech slurring, secondary to MS.

Lecturing about depressive disorders was extraordinarily difficult, yet equally rewarding, given my very personal struggles with depression. Several students opened up to me about personal issues that have been affecting their academic performance.

I was so pleased to offer assistance to them, in whatever way possible, such as granting an extension for taking an examination. I am so very grateful to have been offered the opportunity to teach this course again. I sincerely hope to be able to teach it at some future point, either at this same university, or at another institution.

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