Echocardiogram Today

Today, I’m scheduled to have an echocardiogram. My primary care physician recently ordered this test, based on my symptoms during my last office visit. I had exhibited tachycardia; my heart rate was 128. As a result, an in-office EKG was performed. Based upon the results, an echocardiogram was subsequently ordered. The technician today told me that I was being evaluated for a cardiac valve disorder. This was certainly news to me.

Thankfully, this technician had an excellent sense of humor. I was truly in stitches throughout today’s test. I’m looking forward to receiving my results. Heaven knows that I do not want yet another medical condition with which to deal.

Today, I prepared a review guide, for my Abnormal Psychology students’ final examination. My students are highly motivated to do well. I know that they are overwhelmed with having to prepare for multiple final exams in their courses; consequently, I don’t mind spending time to prepare a review guide for them. I continue to feel exceptionally tired. The last several weeks have been especially busy for me. I’m honestly looking forward to having my schedule slow down, relatively soon. I won’t be teaching next semester, in fact. I’ll continue to work, part-time, at the nursing home.

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