So Fatigued

This afternoon, I’m feeling very fatigued. Thankfully, I no longer am feeling sick, like I was when battling strep throat. Nevertheless, there remains an ever frustrating gap between what I both need and want to do, and my energy level for being able to actually do so. Yes, I do try to pace myself. I also take naps on a regular basis.

I specifically arrange my schedule so as to have flexibility with task completion. As I’ve mentioned before, my fatigue is multi-factorial in etiology. It then stands to reason that my treatment approaches for addressing chronic fatigue must also be the very same.

I certainly don’t want to look as tired on the outside as I feel inside. Fortunately, utilization of cosmetics does conceal the true severity of this debilitating symptom. However, my intentional creation of such an illusion of relatively better health only perpetuates my ongoing struggle to have others recognize just how very limiting my symptoms truly are.

Like everyone else, I want to look my very best. I do feel more confident when I am satisfied with my external appearance. It’s not lost on me that I continuously play a very prominent role in creating the appearance of being significantly healthier than I actually am.

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