Parallel Process

Today happens to be the very last lecture that I’ll be delivering for this semester’s Abnormal Psychology class. The topic is psychological disorders related to aging and cognition. Fortunately, I have extensive experience in this topic. I administered neuropsychological assessment tests for geriatric patients, for a period of many years, when previously lived in Illinois.

Before teaching my class this afternoon, I’ll be helping my mother with completion of errands. I’m still very blessed to have my mother. She turned 89 last month. She is absolutely the most selfless individual whom I have ever met. Her faith is very strong, and it’s reflected in how she lives her everyday life.

I know that the holiday season is a painful reminder of having relatively recently lost her spouse. Two years ago at this time, my father was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. Unexpectedly, he passed away, only three months later.

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