Perspective Is Everything

Perception, in so very many respects, truly is reality. Today finds me at the end of working for the past six straight days, which is truly taxing when you’ve been diagnosed with several chronic illnesses.

Right now, my level of exhaustion is unbelievably extreme. I also happened to have experienced hot flashes again this weekend, after a much-needed respite from them.

As a result, many of my MS symptoms were temporarily worsened, including numbness and tingling sensations in my lower extremities. Nevertheless, I wanted to write this entry before I completely crash for a nonoptional nap.

I consider this weekend’s Christmas show to have been a success. Financially, I earned far less than I would have liked to. However, this was the very first year that I had ever taken part in this specific event. I found the atmosphere this weekend to be truly magical. I witnessed an ongoing parade of adorable little girls and boys, all dressed up to have their pictures taken with Santa Claus. They were wildly excited to have been able to have Breakfast with Santa.

In so many ways, I strongly believe that taking part in this show was time very well spent. I connected with new vendors, which is always enjoyable. I also had the opportunity to discuss several vendor-related concerns and challenges, which is always beneficial.

Taking part in these shows allows me to find out about other vending opportunities, too. I was most appreciative of a fellow vendor’s helpful feedback about how to improve the visual appeal of my display, so as to potentially maximize my overall sales.

She happens to have been involved in doing shows for much longer than I’ve been taking part in them, so I deeply value her insights. My learned-optimism was certainly put to the test this afternoon, however.

Thankfully, I was able to purchase some Christmas gifts by participating in this show. One of them happens to include a nutcracker as part of its display. In placing this item into my car, I inadvertently decapitated the head of said nutcracker. It looks like a very good time to purchase some wood glue.

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