How Time Does Fly

It’s really hard to believe that tomorrow is already December 1. I started my blog way back on August 19. I’ve been writing every single day since then! It’s really been cathartic to be writing on a regular basis.

Thankfully, it comes easily for me to express my thoughts and feelings in this manner. I sincerely hope that my posts have helped to validate others who are also coping with the myriad demands and challenges of living with chronic illness.

I hope that my entries have provided educational information as well. Without a doubt, some of my entries have been much more emotionally challenging than others to complete.

As previously mentioned, my eventual goal is to translate my blog into book form. Also, I’m very grateful that I have not yet run out of topics to discuss in this blog. Coping with chronic illness is certainly very complex; it permeates absolutely every aspect of living.

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