Started Antibiotic

Yesterday, I started my antibiotic, Cephalexin, for my strep throat infection. I really feel so run down. I’m still continuing to have cold sweats, from time to time.

My primary care physician also prescribed a Medrol dose-pack. Together, these two prescriptions should help me feel much better soon.

I really have so much to do, given that there is only one more week of delivering lectures for my Abnormal Psychology class. I still need to write all of the questions for the final examination for this class, too.

Thankfully, I’m getting more efficient with submitting my electronic notes, for ongoing psychotherapy sessions, with my geriatric residents. It’s definitely been a learning curve to be submitting my documentation in this manner.

Given that it’s the holiday season, I’ll also be participating in several local craft shows. Once more, I’ll be selling the polymer clay jewelry and accessories that I have designed. I’ve periodically felt feverish with this infection. Feeling this way always aggravates my MS symptoms, given that I am very heat-sensitive. Consequently, I’ve been having increased paresthesias (numbness and tingling sensations), in both my upper and lower extremities, bilaterally.

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