Giving Thanks

On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m counting my many blessings. Despite my ongoing health challenges, I have so very much for which to be thankful.

Since last Thanksgiving, a lot of very amazing things have actually happened in my life: I was offered a teaching position, I obtained my New York state clinical psychology licensure, I was hired by CHE Senior Psychological Services for a clinical position in a nursing home, I started oil painting classes, I opened a vendor booth at a local flea market, I started a blog on WordPress, and I was offered the chance to write a monthly psychology column for Rochester Woman Online.

I also have had the chance to meet several new people, through ongoing participation in local vendor events; I’ve participated in new vendor events, as well as returned to previous ones.

I expanded my Penelope’s Pendants jewelry line, to include colorful, unique polymer clay accessories. My designs have recently become available for purchase in several local stores.

Yes, within the past year I also had yet another throat dilatation surgery, repeated falls in the summer due to MS, ongoing menorraghia, and multiple hot flashes. Today, I’m still having a very sore throat. Nevertheless, I’m very deeply thankful that I have been able to do all that I have accomplished, regardless of my symptoms.

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