Yes, I’ve Caught a Cold

I realize that catching a cold is not the end of the world. When you happen to develop a cold on top of dealing with several pre-existing chronic conditions, it’s more complicated than if you are generally healthy. Your already compromised energy level is even further depleted, of course. There’s always the additional risk of chronic illness symptoms flaring when you develop a new infection or illness. If I should happen to develop a fever, it really plays havoc with my MS symptoms, since they are terribly heat-sensitive. It’s actually a very long time since I have had a cold. Yesterday’s sore throat was prodromal to my development of additional symptoms, including nasal congestion. I feel pretty miserable at this point! I’m still planning on teaching my Abnormal Psychology class this afternoon, but it’ll be more challenging than usual to do so. Of course, I’ll need to implement all of the usual measures for attenuating the severity of catching a cold.

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