Multi-dimensional Fatigue

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been having exceptionally debilitating levels of fatigue. I realize, of course, that there are multiple reasons why I am struggling with severe fatigue: my diagnoses of relapsing-remitting MS, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and iron-deficiency anemia are three top medical culprits.

Provigil, the prescription stimulant that I have taken for MS fatigue for many years, is no longer effective at my current dose; unfortunately, my dose can’t be safely increased.

I’m well aware that there are emotional factors involved, too. I consistently experience increased anxiety whenever my fatigue is exacerbated, since this single symptom is so powerfully disruptive to accomplishing what I need to do.

I find severe fatigue to be very depressing, so feeling depressed about this symptom in turn worsens this very symptom! Also, I have really been struggling with sleep-termination insomnia for quite some time now. Simply put, I am so tired of being tired.

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