Showing Up Late

I genuinely struggle with getting up and going in the morning, every single day. I’ve never been a morning person, by any means. However, struggling with multiple chronic conditions has made getting up and out the door even more challenging for me.

My debilitating fatigue tremendously slows down my ability to get around in the morning. I wish that I could just pop out of bed, and quickly be on my way. This doesn’t ever happen anymore, to be entirely honest.

That’s why, whenever possible, I choose to schedule my medical appointments in the afternoon. I often feel very self-conscious about this struggle. When others see me showing up much later than them, I automatically assume that they conclude that I am relatively less interested, motivated, or both.

Given that I look relatively healthy, I think that it’s very reasonable that others may sometimes jump to this conclusion. This is yet another relatively hidden aspect of living with chronic illness.

No, I really don’t owe others an explanation for my scheduling preferences. I just want to be perceived as a hardworking, dependable, and reliable person.

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