Not So Chance Encounters

Every day, we’re presented with opportunities for making a positive difference in someone else’s life. We may not always be focused enough to take full advantage of such opportunities, however.

Chronic illness has certainly forced me to slow down considerably, and to focus more intently on the present. As a result, I’m much more in tune with everyday opportunities to positively interact with others.

When I was previously working full-time, I often viewed making multiple errands as just more demands to frantically complete, in an already jam packed day.

Now that my schedule is not as hectic, I’ve been able to appreciate the many opportunities that come our way to positively interact with others, even if only briefly.

Just yesterday, I made a quick trip to the store, to purchase some coffee and stamps. The clerk appeared somewhat absentminded, since she forgot to give me the stamps that I had just bought. She said, “Oh, that’s just my ADHD coming out.”

We subsequently proceeded to have a brief conversation about ADHD. I shared that I was a clinical psychologist, and that I had previously completed ADHD assessments. I answered some of her questions about stimulant medications, as well as validated just how challenging it is to remain adequately focused when you have ADHD. She was extremely thankful that I had taken the time to share my expertise with her. Yes, everyday there are opportunities to positively interact with the people who happen to come along our path.

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