Challenges of Keeping Plans

When you’re living with chronic illness, it’s extremely challenging to be able to keep any plans that you might have initially made. Unpredictable symptoms may develop at any given time, creating severe complications for following through on previous intentions. Your actual level of interest to take part in any given activity may not have changed, but your ability to do has been significantly impacted.

Some individuals in your social circle may try to be sensitive to this factor, even if they don’t personally struggle with chronic illness. Other family members and/or friends may eventually tire of your inability to keep appointments. Consequently, you may stop receiving as many invitations to social events.

I have definitely experienced this firsthand, and I know many others with chronic illness who have admitted the very same. Appearing to be significantly healthier than I actually am has only added to the stress of such scenarios.

Many times, I believe that others concluded that I simply changed my mind about wanting to get together, even if this was not the case at all. Sadly, this represents just one more area of loss that is experienced in the lives of individuals with chronic illness.

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