Learning Curve with New Position

Today, I revised several clinical notes that were previously submitted, for nursing home patients’ initial psychological evaluations. The Quality Assurance team of my employer wants to make sure that I am completing these notes accurately, which is to be completely expected.

Medicare has very strict requirements for documentation of patient information. It is essential to utilize the correct diagnostic codes, as well as to substantiate your diagnoses with the correct DSM-5 criteria. Honestly, completion of this clinical documentation has been somewhat of a challenge.

After all, it’s been five full years since I’ve been employed as a licensed clinical psychologist. Attempting to do so with debilitating fatigue has been even more difficult. I very much feel slowed down in my conpletion of this task. Of course, it’s very tempting to explain this reduced speed of information processing as solely a reflection of my multiple medical conditions.

More accurately, however, I’m also experiencing slower task completion because I have been away from performing this type of work, for a substantial period of time. In addition, I’m learning all of the nuances of submitting electronic notes for the very first time. All things considered, I think that I need to be somewhat less critical of my performance so far.

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