Surgery Follow-Up

This afternoon, I had my throat dilatation surgery follow-up appointment. As expected, I needed to complete an uncomfortable, in-office bronchoscopy. A fifth-year resident in otolaryngology performed today’s procedure.

Thankfully, there are no signs, nor symptoms, of infection after my recent surgery. My airway appears to have successfully healed from my surgery, which occurred nearly three weeks ago. This is excellent news!

I informed my ENT surgeon that I have been experiencing increased mucus production. He recommended that I start taking Mucinex, on a regular basis. He also suggested that I increase my water intake.

During this appointment, I mentioned that my throat clearing has been very aggressive after this surgery. He said that there’s a possibility that my vocal cords have begun to spasm, yet again. Consequently, he recommended that I practice my breathing exercises, on a regular basis.

My surgeon scheduled my next appointment for three months. At this time, I will receive in-office steroid injections. He is optimistic that periodic steroid injections will significantly increase the time interval between my throat dilatation surgeries. I’m most thankful for my ENT surgeon. He is a very gifted doctor. In addition, he’s both competent and compassionate.

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