Giving An Examination

This afternoon, I happen to be giving Examination II, to my Abnormal Psychology students. Looking out at these students taking their test is truly a dream come true. I have always conceptualized myself as a college professor.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but think about the sheer contrast between my outward appearance, versus my subjective reality, as my students complete this exam. These students are not aware of my multiple chronic illnesses, nor is there any specific reason for them to have this knowledge.

It has been exceptionally challenging for me to teach this course, given my persistent health problems. Nevertheless, it’s been extremely gratifying to be able to utilize my advanced training once again. I was most embarrassed to not have noticed that I repeated a couple of the multiple choice questions on this exam.

A couple of students brought this to my attention. Nevertheless, I will take full responsibility for this error. I’ll apologize to my students for not catching this mistake. Also, these questions won’t count toward their test scores.

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