Vulnerability of Disclosure

Without any doubt, I’ve chosen to make myself extremely vulnerable with the very personal posts that I have chosen to share. Essentially, I have “outed myself,” on multiple levels. There’s really no turning back now!

Yes, I have definitely taken a considerable risk with disclosure of the intensely personal information that I have decided to so very openly share. I fully realize this, believe me. Nevertheless, I have decided that the potential benefits of sharing my personal experiences far outweigh the possible risks.

I sincerely don’t believe that I was permitted to experience such painful events without a higher purpose being intimately involved. My very painful personal experiences are essentially redeemed if they result in benefitting others.

Suffering, in and of itself, may prove completely unbearable. In sharp contrast, suffering that confers meaning, whether to oneself or others, is entirely bearable.

Ultimately, I want my disclosure of what I have been permitted to experience to glorify God. I trust that sharing what I have gone through will validate others’ painful experiences, too.

Few things are as torturous as the conviction you are ultimately alone in bearing your pain. Above all, my hope is that others will be deeply inspired by what I have shared. I don’t share these painful experiences for only my own cathartic benefit. I honestly desire that others hear about my challenges, and in so doing, feel more empowered to meet their own struggles with renewed strength.

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